Our rapidly changing economy places ever-greater demands on the skills of our workforce.
Concerns about the provision of Engineers and Engineering skills are increasing.
This is compounded in the RACHP industry due to its rising average age & lack of technical and specialist skills in applicants


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Science Minister Greg Clarke MP


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@CoolScienceUK Thankyou so much for the time you spent with Yr5's, made fridges come alive!

Tamzin Caffrey - Head of Communications at The Big Bang Fair

‘What’s great about the Cool Science stand is it gives kids the opportunity to see the things they use in their everyday lives that they’re not really thinking about and get hands on to see how they work, and that’s it’s something they might be interested in doing later in life. Also there is a strong and serious message about getting more skills into this industry’

Graeme Maidment – President of the Institute of Refrigeration

Coming along to help out with Cool Science at the Big Bang Fair, I was really impressed with what was achieved. Cool Science was a fantastic success and it gave us as an industry the opportunity show large numbers of young people that we are a brilliant career choice. This initiative was only possible because of the support that it received from members of our industry, I would like to thank everyone who volunteered and supported the show, especially Chris Vallis and his team at AB Group who came up with the whole concept of Cool Science and made it happen. For me, Cool Science is so important, it highlights to young people the opportunity and challenges of a career in Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps, it’s fantastic!

Russell Beattie - Chief Executive of FETA

I had the pleasure of seeing first hand the contribution going on there to encourage the next generation with the very impressive Cool Science stand and the volunteers doing sterling work. The Big Bang organisers told me that, especially considering it was a first year appearance, it was a very impressive set up: gaining particular accolades for the amount of interaction and participation it provided for the youngsters.

Paul Alway – Marks and Spencer

I was very happy to attend the Big Bang Fair to support Cool Science; obviously as a business M&S do millions of pounds worth of trade selling refrigerated food, and as an industry we need to make sure that there are enough new engineers coming into it. Refrigeration is a fantastic industry to get into and a fascinating trade to be in. Cool Science is doing a brilliant to help maintain this talent pipeline for our industry’s future.

Mark Forsyth WorldSkillsUK

There are so many young people at this event interested who want to know more about the science of Refrigeration, what they’re learning is it’s all about the transfer of heat and we’ve got some really practical activities for them to get engaged with. This is all about awareness, this is a really innovative stand that showcases the industry well, we’ve got real excitement from all the industry volunteers that are here really enthusing the young people. This is a great, great spectacle and I really hope it continues in the future.

Chris Vallis – AB Group & Founder of Cool Science

The estimate is there are approximately 70,000 people working in the UK cooling industry, it’s a huge sector. We suffer from the symptoms as the whole engineering sector, where we have a skills gap, and I believe young people are who we need to be talking to plug that gap, encouraging them to continue studying STEM subjects and making them aware, they can become trained in this field. For example by taking up an apprenticeship under the new apprenticeship standard from 2017 in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning now approved by government. We hope to keep the momentum with Cool Science to continue this work. Hopefully after seeing what we have managed to achieve in 2015, industry support will grow to keep Cool Science moving forwards.

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